Food Storage Business: Legitimate Business Opportunity For Stay-At-Home-Moms and "Mompreneurs"

There is no doubt that the food storage business has taken off. People are concerned about inflation and the rising prices of goods and services and are looking for ways to protect themselves against the rising costs of food.

Food storage is at an all-time high, and food storage companies are making food storage easy and practical for the novice as well as the experienced.

For the entrepreneurial stay-at-home mom or “mompreneur” this can be a golden opportunity to start a home-based business, be your own boss, earn some extra income, and start or add to your food storage program.

Efoods Global and Shelf Reliance are two companies who actively look for consultants or Independent Business Owners to sell their products in a number of ways. Efoods Global offers a generous compensation plan with food credits, commissions and sales bonuses. It is very well detailed on their website. Led by CEO Steve Shenk, Efoods Global have business opportunities for the following:

Spare-Time: Working 1-4 hours weekly mainly for food credits and some “extra spending money”

Part-Time: Working 4-10 hours weekly for supplemental income, possibly continuing current employment status, but wanting to boosting the family finances

Full-Time: Expanding their growing food storage business, primary source of income, high earning potential

Big-Time Professional: Business professionals, interested in sophisticated business strategies with unlimited earning potential

Efoods Global has a very comprehensive and informational website and touts itself as a business opportunity to help you become food and financially independent.

Shelf Reliance offers Thrive brand food products as well as emergency supplies and kits, food rotation and food storage ideas and equipment. Earnings are based on hosting parties and building your own team of consultants with monthly commissions and bonuses paid. They have a well-detailed website and their compensation plan is easy to follow.

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom interested in boosting your family’s income, or a “mompreneur” who has a vision of owning your own business with unlimited potential, one of these business opportunities could be for you. The food storage business is definitely a legitimate business opportunity for stay at home moms.

Before committing to any business, be certain to gather all the information you need. Make sure you understand the compensation plan, the level of marketing, sales and recruiting you will need to do, and ask yourself if you can fully stand behind the product you are selling. If you believe in the product and are passionate about what you do, the sky truly is the limit!

Marketing for your food storage business will be essential. There are millions of people on-line and they are your potential customers. In order to be successful, you must know how to reach those customers! Learning to effectively market your business online will be your key to success.

Source by Diane Ducca